Virtuallessons by VIDLEARN®

  • All GCSE lessons on demand
  • Delivered by fully qualified teachers
  • Learning activities included
  • Workbooks printable from home
  • Online homework and marking

Virtuallessons by VIDLEARN®

Virtuallessons by VIDLEARN® is a comprehensive set of on-demand GCSE lessons that cover the latest exam specifications across a range of GCSE subjects. Pupils can access these lessons from home or at school offering an instant solution to potential issues facing schools, such as closures or a shortage of specialist teachers. All of our lessons have been prepared and delivered by fully qualified teachers, so your pupils can have access to quality lessons wherever they are.

With Virtuallessons, your school gets access to an extensive set of resources that covers the entire GCSE content of each subject. Our Scheme of Work shows links to the specifications, allowing you to seamlessly integrate our resources into daily teaching in your school.

Virtual Lessons are available to schools at unbelievable rates and can be purchased as school-wide subscriptions.

Your Own Branded Website

Virtuallessons will be made available to staff and pupils through your own branded site featuring the school’s logo. Individual logins will be provided for all users of the site to ensure secure access to those who need it and to allow your staff to monitor engagement. You can also produce personalised end of year certificates to provide a record of pupils’ work.

Included Resources

On-Demand Lessons

Our high quality on-demand lessons feature every aspect of a lesson. Accessed through our easy to use learning platform, our recordings feature chapters for easy navigation and timed learning activities with opportunities for learners to review their progress. Simply press play and our lesson does the rest.

Interactive Videos

Our interactive videos feature Starters, Learning Outcomes, Learning Activities and Plenaries. Each lesson features timed learning activities with a review period that allows pupils to self-assess their learning. The videos work together with a printable Pupil Pack to provide a rich learning experience.

Pupil Pack

The Pupil Pack resources are supplied free with each subject. Organised into module booklets, the Pupil Pack features 4 pages for each lesson and follows the lesson exactly. Pupils complete the activity in time with the recording and review, mark and assess their progress as they learn.

Monitor Engagement, Communicate and Set and Mark Homework

The Virtuallessons learning environment allows teachers to monitor the engagement of their pupils. Our Announcement function enables teachers to communicate securely with pupils. Teachers will be able to set homework for pupils, which pupils can then upload onto the site. Teachers can also mark homework on the site and leave feedback for pupils.

Save Time and Money on Cover

Virtuallessons is a great resource to help schools manage cover requirements and to alleviate the burden placed on busy Subject Leaders to provide cover work. With our on-demand resource packages, any member of staff can cover any GCSE lesson without the need for expensive cover or wasted lessons at a crucial stage in your pupils’ education. In addition, Virtuallessons can support students who, for diverse reasons, are unable to attend mainstream lessons but desire and deserve a structured, assessment focused preparation for their GCSE exams.

1. Pupil Pack

Pupil packs are delivered in modules with a 4 page section dedicated to each lesson. Pupil packs follow each lesson exactly and include starter activities, key subject content that mirrors the presentation, group activities.

2. Lesson Content

The online content is accessible through our easy to navigate learning platform. You will have access to all the resources you need for each lesson: Interactive Video, Downloadable Presentation, Timed Activities, Teacher Information Pack and Scheme of Work.

Interactive Video

Downloadable Presentation

Scheme of Work

Timed Pupil Activities

Teacher Info Pack

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